Breathe And Change Your LIFE!

Nayan Gaur
3 min readMar 28, 2020


BREATHING is always an overlooked power. Indeed, most of us don’t even think about it, it just works automatically and subconsciously.

As Sadhguru told — Just don’t breathe for a moment, you will realize the importance of it.

Hindu vedas and other religious books clearly explained the essence of breathing, and it’s been practiced for ages. Various researches shows how breathing affects our whole body, senses and its functioning, it also affects the most powerful and sophisticated thing on this planet THE HUMAN BRAIN.Its been seen that people were able to build new neuron cells in the brain.

Let me explain this with one practical example, let’s assume that you are going on a road and suddenly someone tries to attack you with any weapon, in that situation your body and nervous system automatically tries to protect you, as a result you automatically inhale more air and eventually the blood pumps up to the organs rapidly to make you panic and run out of it. On the other hand, someone who has trained for such a situation, will be more calm, his breathing will be normal and he tries to prevent himself with rapid reflex actions rather than going into panic mode.

I will not go much deeper into the mode of how spiritual people and yogis practice it to get enlightened, how martial artists, swimmers, and sportspersons practise breathing to gain more stamina and focus to improve their games.

Here I will be discussing some PRACTICAL tips and ways of doing breathing exercise which anyone can practice.There are primarily three types of breathing patterns, which we will be discussing here.

  1. Equal exhale-inhale breathing — This is also called Water Breathing. In this, you have to inhale for 4 sec and then exhale for 4 sec. Simple! No, this would need practice and control. As the name suggests water breathing exercise can be done any number of times and almost anytime in a day. Just like we can drink water anytime in a day.
  2. Inhale with extended Exhale — This is also called Alcoholic Breathing. In this, you have to inhale for 4 sec and then exhale for 8 sec. As the name suggests this breathing exercise should be done ideally before going to bed and once in a day, as we do with alcoholic drinks. It gives a relaxation signal to the nervous system.
  3. Speedy exhale — This is just like a coffee drink. In this, you just focus on exhale and don’t care about inhale, do exhale (with speed) for at least 20 secs with 3–4 repetitions. As the name suggests, its frequency in a day should be in control, as we do with coffee. It primarily gives wake up signals to the nervous system. Best ideal time for this breathing exercise would be around 2 or 3 in the afternoon or when you want your body and mind to be active.

I believe, some things in life should be tried and experienced, rather than explained. I strongly recommend all the readers to add these breathing exercises into your routine. These breathing exercise showed a great results based on the efforts and focus people gave, it helps people in -

  • Reducing their stress levels
  • Becoming more aware
  • Being more focussed in life
  • Being in present rather than vandering everywhere in the world
  • Becoming more stable and so on.

Try it for at least 2 months with consistency, and let me know your experience in the comments section below.

Happy living! Bye!



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